Health protection Important informations

Tattoos, permanent make-up and piercings: 

Every artist and piercer is committed to following this regulation when registering at our convention. The health department can carry out checks at the convention and check the artists and piercers for hygiene, colors and nickel (piercers). 

The colors used must be accompanied by a declaration of conformity or laboratory test confirming compliance with one of the following laws: 

- Ordinance on subjects for human contact (HKV) of 23.11.05, as of 1.1.14 (Switzerland) 

- Tattooing Ordinance of 13.11.2008 (Germany) 

- Resolution ResAP (2008) 1 of 20.8.2008 (Council of Europe).     


Further information from the Federal Food Safety and Veterinary Office BLV (in german/french/italian)